Delivery Guy Steals Side Mirror of SUV Jeep Parked Outside the Client’s Compound in Ikoyi (Video)

CCTV footage showing the moment a delivery man stole the side mirrors of an SUV parked along Ademola Street, off Awolowo Road ikoyi, Lagos state on Wednesday, May 24, has been shared online.


The suspected thief summoned the courage to steal the first mirror and then drove away. Seeing that he wasn’t caught, he drove back and then stole the second side mirror.


while some argued that this was done by an armature, others argued that the culprit is a hardened criminal who disguised as a delivery guy or dispatch rider.

EONS Intelligence shared the clip on their twitter handle on Thursday morning, with a caption which reads;



Criminals have gone a step ahead, now using the guise of dispatch riders to perpetrate crimes. Recent footage shows a bike rider removing the side mirrors of an SUV, indicating a growing risk of theft and vandalism in our communities.





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