Deadly Tornadoes hit Several States in USA, 100 Confirmed death as Many displaced

The Kentucky state and 3 other states in the United states of America has been faced with a tornadoes which is said to be the deadliest to have ever hit the nation in history. Reports gathered reveal that the deadly tornadoes erupted under the cloak of darkness overnight on Friday into the early hours of Saturday.




The devastating effects of the Tornadoes as still felt till Sunday morning when the President confirmed that the death toll has risen to 100, as it is referred to as the one tornado, being called the “Quad-State Tornado” ripped across four states in four hours


(Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky), slamming communities such as Monette, Arkansas, and Mayfield, Kentucky, which were two of the hardest hit towns.



Mr President while addressing the residents affected by the natural phenomenon, he promised and assure the affected states that his government ready to provide all they’ll need to through this trying times. In his words;


“I promise you, whatever is needed, the federal government is going to supply it.” “heart aches” for those affected by the disaster, including the rescue crews.


This is the United States of America, our citizens are badly, badly hurt and they’re scared to death right now, it’s devastating,” “We just have to keep at it, we have to keep focused, this is going to be the focus of my attention until we get it finished.”


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