Davido Confirms What he Said, Gives ₦250m Donated to him by his friends to Orphanages (Video)

Davido made record when a video many would say was a joke took a huge positive turn. While he was in Dubai, Davido posted on his IG telling those who have made music through his music and those who regard themselves as his friends to send him ₦1m each.



Shortly after he posted his account number, his account balance exploded as many of his colleagues, friends and even strangers began to send him ₦1m. Within 72 hours, the singer has already made close to ₦200m from donations.


While many wondered what he’d do with the money, some where impressed and while some were disappointed when the USA-born Nigerian singer tweeted last night that he might give it all away. Some decided to seize the opportunity to beg for a thousand or 2 that they will use to set themselves straight.

Davido Gives his 250m birthday donations to orphange homes
Davido Gives his 250m birthday donations to orphanage homes


Today, Davido confirmed what he hinted last night in an official statement. He added his own personal ₦50m to the ₦200m that was given to him by his friends, and announced that he will giving it all away to orphanage homes.


In a video he posted afterwards, the singer revealed that he believed that there are people who are in dire need of that money to solve life threatening issues, more than he does. So giving away all the money for charity seemed like the best thing to do at the time.



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While some wondered why he would do such, and even added his own money to it, he thought it’ll be best to sit down and record a video to address the public as to why he gave out all the money tp charity. In his words;



”The love that people have shown me is really unbelievable. I used to question myself like ‘is being a good person even worth it’ because I remember many people be like David you are too nice, you are too free, you are too accessible, you are too this, you are too that and it got to a point where I was even even thinking to myself like is this thing affecting me…but these past few days have shown me that no man..I appreciate it.


A lot of people have called me saying ‘it’s your money, keep it. Don’t listen to what people are saying’. Not to be corky, The money is a lot. I wouldn’t say I don’t need it but I think there are more people who need it more than me.


People were like sending me ₦5000, ₦2000, ₦3000, ₦100. This might be there last bar. Right now we are at N201 million. I have decided to donate all the money in Nigeria. I am going to add ₦50 million of my own money. So that I ₦251 million that I am going to be disbursing 


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