Davido Clears The air with CNN on his Birthday Money Donations (Video)

Nigerian singer Davido after he challenged those who say they’re his friends to send him ₦1 each, has face some unexpected backlash from some negative minds after the singer pulled over ₦200m in donations from those he has helped with his/their music in one way or another.



He then shock the world by adding his own ₦50m and donated the whole money to the orphanage, which was a kind gesture that was encouraged by many, including former vice-president of Nigerian, Atiku Abubakar.


Despite giving all away, the singer stil face some bad and negeative comments from som e individiuals, so in order the set the records straight, Davido has spoken in an interview with CNN as a guest on to talk about the generous donations he got from Nigerians. In his words;



“I said we rise by lifting others, if you I have supported your music in any way, come and lift me now, I never said donate money to me, I said ‘if you’re my friend give me money’.”


Speaking to host Zain Asher, Davido said he was just addressing his friends and the people he has featured in their songs when he made the announcement.


He added that he didn’t expect as much money as he got. He said it was all a joke but people came through, including ordinary Nigerians who were sending what they could afford.


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