Dancer and Actress, Ruby Ojiakor Celebrates 1m IG followers in the most hilarious way (Video)

Former religious music dancer and Nollywood actress, Ruby Ojiakor created a scene on the streets today in a most hilarious ways just to celebrate reaching 1m followers on her Instagram page.



She thought it’ll be best to do something she’s never done before for for the first time by doing the most hilarious but (serious to her) reasons.


Her actions raised brows as many was quick to misunderstood her mode of celebration after hitting 1 million Instagram followers, but only her knew why she went to such extent to express her happiness as she thanked her followers and supporters.



She was recorded screaming in excitement starting from inside her house, to the compound, and then out into the street.


She was so exited to the extent she even barefoot all the while. Dodging a car on the street, the actress jumped and screamed, letting the world know she now has a million Instagram followers.


A bike rider, passers-by, and people standing in front of their compound are seen looking at her as she displayed her excitement, running barefoot.


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