Cyber Fraud and Yahoo are big issues, These Boys Doing it Must be Brilliant, So Let’s Find a way to Redirect Their Thinking Positively — Gov Obaseki

Gov Obaseki

Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, the executive governor of Edo state has addressed the rising issues of young boys engaging in internet fraud, popularly known as yahoo yahoo in Nigeria.



The governor opined that these young people who are engaging in all sorts of illegitimate means to make money must be brilliant, he also urged that efforts must be made to redirect their thinking for positive and legitimate use. 


Speaking at an education town hall meeting in the state on Friday, February 19, Governor Obaseki said



“I am concerned. Cyber fraud and Yahoo culture are big issues. I am calling on everyone to please send as much information as you can to my office.


On Monday, I am going to see the chairman of EFCC. I am not condemning those involved. There must be a reason why that culture has become so prolific in Edo state. We must find the root cause and address them as we did in the days of trafficking.


Let’s see how we can correct it because these children must be very brilliant. The kind of things they do, how they hack into other people’s accounts. How do we re-direct that thinking into something more positive?”



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