Cute Abiola Gains Freedom from NAVY Detention after 3 Weeks

Cute Abiola – (Abdulgafar Ahmad), an Instagram comedian and actor has gained been released from a NABY detention. Some weeks ago, Cute Abiola had been reported missing after he failed to check in with his wife and subsequently coming home.




His colleague in the comedy industry, Debo Adedayo aka Mr Macaroni, raised the alarm that he was no where to be found after reporting at his office in Navy Town, Lagos. His whereabouts were later cleared as the NAVY confirmed he is in detention for violating some of the codes of conduct of the agency


In a statement released on on that regards, Suleman Dahun on behalf of the Chief of Navy Staff said the comedian was not missing but rather was in custody for breaching the Armed forces social media policy. In his words;



He was detained for posting a video of himself in military uniform on social media, an act that is said to be in violation of the armed forces’ social media policy. 


In a new development regarding his whereabouts, Dahun said the Instagram comedian and skit maker is no longer in naval detention as he has been released to serve his punishment.


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