Cubana Chief Priest Escapes Gunmen Attack in Anambra, his car Riddled with Bullets (Video)

Cubana Chief Priest Escapes Gunmen Attack in Anambra

Pascal Okechukwu, a Nigerian socialite known better as Cubana Chiefpriest, has narrowly escaped kidnap and/or possible death after he was attacked by gunmen attacked in Anambra State.





Earlier reports on Sunday afternoon claimed that the attack happened in his state Imo, but the socialite confirmed that his convoy was attacked but was not in Imo as the reports read.


He didn’t provide much information as to what happened, thus making the details of the incident be left sketchy at the time of filing this report,.



However, videos seen online show one of the cars riddled with bullets. A voice was heard in the background saying that from the indications and bullet marks, the gunshots were fired at close range and with AK47 raffle.




Reacting to the earlier news, that the attack happened in Imo state, which was carried by a popular Nigerian blog, Cubana Chief Priest reposted the same news on his IG story with the caption;



“Rubbish information from… shit never happened in Imo, stop misleading the society with unverified information






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