Cristiano Ronaldo Needs to Accept that his Career is Coming to an End — Ian Wright

Ian Wright x Cristiano

Ian Wright, a former Arsenal striker, who is also a legend at the club, has opined that Cristiano Ronaldo, maybe having difficulties accepting the fact that his professional football career maybe coming to an end, and urged Manchester United striker to seek therapy.




This comes after Ronaldo did a bombshell interview in which he attacked the club, manager, and former players of Manchester United.


Reacting to Ronaldo’s interview and the wave of controversy surrounding it before the FIFA World Cup, the former Arsenal striker said on the ‘Kelly and Wrighty Show’



”It’s quite sad to see when you consider what Cristiano Ronaldo has done and what he’s achieved in his career.”



Wright said that Ronaldo has never been on the receiving end of such criticism before and is having a difficult time handling it now and should see professional help:


”For him not to be able to deal with his career coming to an end – it happens to all of us, it happened to me – you do feel a sense of “is that it?”.



He’s not used to hearing negativity but now it is coming to him. It must be difficult for him and something he may need to seek counselling for.”

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