Cristiano Ronaldo Makes History as First Footballer to Reach 400m Followers on Instagram

Portuguese professional footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, has made history as the first footballer to reach 400m followers on IG. This is coming after the striker became the most followed person on the platform in 2017.



The former Real Madrid forward had In September 2021, reached a milestone of 237 million followers which made him the most followed man on the application, and has since then, seen an exponential growth


With 3242 posts, he has an average of 10 million ‘likes’ for each one and only follows 500 users. Popular broadcaster Piers Morgan shared a picture with himself and the Manchester United forward on Twitter.



He said;


‘Congratulations on becoming the first human being ever to reach 400 million followers on Instagram.


The undisputed social media goat, P.S. he only follows 500 people, including me… he knows a good grammer when he sees one.’



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