Cristiano Ronaldo earned £850,000 bonus after hat-trick against Norwich and will get £100k for every goal he scores till end of season

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Manchester United star forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, has earned a whopping £850,000 bonus, after scoring a hat-trick on Saturday, April 16, against Norwich City, at Old Trafford 


The 37-year-old who scored his 60th hat-trick in his professional career, will also be taking home, £100,000 for every goal he scores for the club till the end of the season, according to The Sun UK.


The Sun UK explained that the bonuses came with his contract, that he will be paid £750k in bonus, once we reaches 20 goals this season for Manchester United, plus a further £100,000 for his hat-trick strike, and there is more!



According to the reports, Ronaldo will now receive £100,000 for any other goal he scores in the remainder of this season, and will earn £1million in bonus, if he ends the season as the  highest goal scorer for the club. 




Ronaldo who is likely the player to win the cash bonus, after scoring 6 goals in his last 3 EPL games, is now 12 goals ahead of his closest challenger and country mate, Bruno Fernandes.



He would also be receiving around £2.75million in total payments if he manages to reach 30 goals before the end of this season.





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