Crippled Man Arrested For Kidnapping in Katsina

Samsu is the 35 year old cripple of Yar Yadiya village has been arrested for conniving with his friend, Abubakar Sadiq age 30 year hails from  Bale of Karifo village all in Dutsinma LG.



The due called one Mukthar Bello Garo and demanded the sum of 20m and threatened to kidnap him or any member of his family if he fails to yield to their demands. The victim out of fear and saftey of his family members bargained from 20m to 8m and finally settled for 2m.


The culprits Samsu (crippled, 35) and his partner in crime (Abubakar Sadiq, 30) were both apprehended by the authorities before getting the ramsome money.



In other news coming from the region, one Mr Sahadiya has been arraigned by the authorities for breaking and entering into his father’s room with a rod and cutlass and robbed his father of 435k. Surprisingly, Sahadiya had already lavished all the proceeds of the robbery against his father before he was caught by the authorities.


Still on the Northern region, suspects were caught along Rugu road in Katsina where they had been terrorizing commuters. They exchanged gunshots with the police, 2 were killed, 4 apprehended and police is trying to arrest others who escaped with bullet wounds. Items recovered from them include, guns, bullets, charms and an unregistered Boxer bike.


This report was originally given in Hausa language and Fadilat Idris translated it for latetsngnews correspondent. Watch the full report in hausa below.


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