Could it be a Comedy Skit? Suspected G-Boys Filmed Defecating and ‘eating’ their excreta at IMSU Junction in Owerri (Video)

Could it be a Comedy Skit? that’s the $1m question on the minds of many who witnessed this bizarre scene on Wednesday, January 26th, 2022.



Where some boys were seen at a very busy and popular IMSU junction in Owerri, the were defecating on a kid’s poll and were eating helping themselves out with their own waste products.


The two young men carried a potty to the junction, pulled their trousers, showed their bare b*tt, and began to excrete in the potty.



One of them who was holding a loaf of bread inserted a piece of the bread in his buttcrack, ate some of the bread and gave some to his colleague. One of their friends was present to film them carrying out this act.


Some people however suspect they might be skitmakers, while some have called for their arrests.



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