Comparison Between Prof C C Soludo and Andy Ubah

A writer with the screenname Odumodu Gbulagu has made rather short but but critical Comparison Between Prof C C Soludo and Andy Ubah, who are just 2 out of the 18 November Anambra State Governorship candidates.




Prof C C Soludo is contesting under All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) while Andy Ubah is contesting under rtd gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s APC which have been unsuccessful over the past years to get their claws into the power house of the light of the nation.


Odumodu Gbulagu in his/her opinion stated that the both candites are not promising, given the past and present records of the political parties they each represents, and made no mention of YPP’s Ifeanyi Ubah with little hint to PDP’s Valentine Ozigbo, here is the Comparison Between Prof C C Soludo and Andy Ubah in full;


Can one be a solution to a problem he deliberately created?Prof C C Soludo said that Anambra “is not broken and there’s no need to mend it”, when he knew deep down in his heart that the state is shattered into tiny bits. Isn’t it funny that he came back telling us that he has the “Solution”? What is he going to solve? A state that’s never broken?



Prof C C Soludo
Prof C C Soludo

Obiano’s APGA deliberately created the deep ruins in our state today, and Andy Ubah’s APC deliberately created the sufferings, hunger, division and insecurity in our land today. They cannot solve the problem they deliberately created.

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Andy Ubah whose party has succeeded in dividing and impoverishing Nigerians is telling Ndi Anambra just like Buhari, that he has a magic wand to turn the state into El dorado.


Andy UBA APC campaign flyers
Andy UBA APC campaign flyers

He is marketing a party that has killed our youths and proscribed them as terrorists, yet defend bandits as ordinary criminals. His willing tools are telling us that they can hate Buhari and love his party that called us 5%ers and dots in a circle.


Valentine Chineto Ozigbo of the PDP to the rescue! #KaAnambraChawapu


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