Commercial Motorcycle Riders Blocks Airport Road in Abuja as They Protest Against Taskforce Impounding their Motorcycles (Video)

Airport Road in Abuja

There’s been a reported civil unrest as commercial motorcycle riders popularly known as Okada, staged a protest along Airport Road in Abuja because task force have been  impounding their motorcycles.




Several road users who applied the route while trying to get to their various destinations, reported that  the unrest was caused by commercial motorcyclists who’re mostly of Northerners. They attacked Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) for seizing their bikes.



The mob threw sticks and stones at commuters and vehicles passing the expressway in Lugbe, which links several communities and is used to connect the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.




They also burnt tyres in the road, forcing other road users to make a turn and seek alternate routes. Several road were stranded along that road as these fulani motorcyclists caused civil unrest along that Airport Road in Abuja.


In a video shared by a twitter use, a number of vehicles made u-turn and drove against traffic to avoid the chaos, or have their vehicles smashed by the protesters. 






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