Comedian Josh2Funny Gifts his Friend and Crew Member A Brand New Car (Video)

Nigerian comedian, Josh Alfred, popularly known to many as Josh2Funny, has gifted his friend and crew member a brand new car and thank him for his loyalty.




The funnyman posted a lovely moment and the surprise on his friend’s face took to his Instagram page.


He wrote:


Just got a small gift for my guy @cautionlxe LXE aka EREZI has really tried for me, 4 years and he turned comedy to great sound🙌🏻🙌🏻 THE BEST PRODUCER I know,


he produces Afro sound and still does my sound well, Loyal guy LXE, one of the best gift I got from Sound Sultan, This is just the beginning bro, this one small, manage am.


The comedian said the crew member is the best producer he knows and has worked with him for 4 years.


He added that the producer is one of the best gifts he got from the late Sound Sultan.


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