Comedian I Go Dye Speaks Against Celebrities Posting Their N*des Online

Ace Nigerian comedian and master of ceremony, Francis Agoda, who is fondly known by his stage name as I Go Dye, has spoken against celebs releasing their nudes on the internet, and claiming it was a mistake.


The comedian warned that this trend is not what Africa is known for, hinting that one of the things that identifies one as an African is a discipline and decency.


He said, “The way we are expressly showing our n*kedness and sex tapes as a mistake, is intentional because it’s not a common mistake you can find in Africa parents DNA.


“We follow our papa stay for one room, with 10 children, none of us see him yansh one day. Am afraid because we are just breeding future porn stars. 


He also spoke in reference to his childhood experience, he revealed that he lived in a one-bedroom apartment with his parents and nine siblings and he never saw his father’s butt.


He pointed out that if this trend of people posting their n*udes online continues, that poeple are just gonna end up brooding future p*rn stars


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