Chrisland School: There was no [email protected]£, Parents should Discipline Their Kids! and the Girl is not 10yrs Old, — Nigerians Drag Ubi Franklin

Nigerians Drag Ubi Franklin over Chrisland School

Several Nigerians have taken their time to call out and drag Nigerian Music Executive, Ubi Franklin, after he made a tweet on Easter Sunday that a [email protected]£d and her school management, Chrisland School, is trying to cover it up.



In an earlier tweet he shared, Franklin has said that the young girl represented her school in a sports competition, where the incident happened, and that the school hid the incident from the girl’s parents, until after almost 1 month, when it leaked.



He also said that the parents of the girl who were oblivious of what happened, became aware of the incident after a friend to the girl’s mother saw the video and called the mother of the child on phone.



Checks reveals that he purposely left out out name of the school in his first tweet, but investigations revealed the name of the school as Chrisland School, Lagos state.





In an update tweet, he shared that the school management gave the student an indefinite suspension after the girl’s parents caught wind of what happened and confronted the school management for answers.



Almost every Nigerian who heard of the news rushed and tagged Chrisland School as the big bad wolf, but after the supposed video of the girl where she was allegedly being [email protected]£d went viral, the attacks where shifted to Ubi Franklin.



Many Nigerians who saw the video argued that there was no sight of [email protected]£, yes they might have done truth or dare with the young girl obviously obliged in.



Adding that there is alot still unknown, netizens also shunned the mother of the child who played victims card earlier, to please go and properly discipline and train her child.



The school management was also dragged for putting the boys and girls in the same room, adding that such things are never done, even if they were older and adults.




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