Chiwetalu Agu Sharing Bread Before Army Harassed and Arrested Him in Onitsha (Video)

A video of Chiwetalu Agu Sharing Bread has been shared online and now there is a solid proof that collaborates with what the veteran Nollywood actor Chinwetalu Agu’s claims, that he was sharing bread before he was harassed and arrested by soldiers at Upper Iweka in Onitsha, Anambra state.



Recall that the comic actor being wise and diplomatic with hi words as it should, told the army division he was taken that he was sharing bread and was not campaigning or asking people to join IPOB or ESN when he was arrested. He has also said his outfit was a civil outfit of a rising sun and not a Biafran regalia.


It was also reported that after Chinwetalu Agu was released by the Nigerian army, after 24 hours of detention but was re-arrested by the Department of State Services – DSS on the same, with DSS claiming that justice must take its course.


And now according to a confirmed detailed reports by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s counsel, it has been revealed that the actor has been denied access to a lawyer and his relatives by the DSS. 


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This video of video of Chiwetalu Agu Sharing Bread and his statement that he is putting on a casual dress of the rising sun, is all the prof he need to defeat them if truly they’re democratic as they claim.


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