Chiwetalu Agu Reveals that Buhari Government Knows The Bandits Terrorizing Northern Nigeria

Chiwetalu Agu Reveals that the Buhari Government Knows The Bandits Terrorizing Northern Nigeria which supports other claims by other analysts in Nigeria that have been brought to light over the past years. 




The comic veteran actor who was harassed and illegally arrested by the Nigerian army earlier but was released and was then arrested again by the DSS, after he regained his freedom, shared how he was treated while in the custody of The State Security Service, self-styled as the Department of State Services.


The actor while speaking during an interview with Showtime Celebrity, disclosed that Buhari Government Knows The Bandits Terrorizing Northern Nigeria, in his words;



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“The federal government’s brigandage is the problem. With this present administration in power, we will never get democracy. What we have is militocracy; shame on Nigeria. All freedom fighters and civil society groups will continue to be disappointed until the present administration leaves the corridors of power.


“The truth is that they are scared of the actualisation of Biafra. There’s no comparison between the North and South. The North is the epicentre of atrocities, man’s inhumanity to man. Why is it difficult for this present government to move in and apprehend the bandits terrorising the northern region? This is because the government knows the bandits.


“The symbol on the costume I was wearing was the rising sun and that was what it was. I believe with my soul in the rising sun. From my geography class, I learnt that the sun rises from the East and sets in the West.


“Rising sun is about growth, you don’t remain where you are forever. I told the soldier that even as a sergeant, your aim is to rise above that rank. Some of you who are Major-Generals today were once of lower ranks but you have risen. So, you should embrace the rising sun.”


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