Chinwetalu Agu Harassed and Brutalized by Nigerian Soldiers for Wearing Wearing Biafra Outfit (Video)

Veteran Nollywood actor Chinwetalu Agu was Harassed and Brutalized by Nigerian Soldiers in Upper Iweka Onitsha for Wearing Wearing Biafra Outfit. Recall that Last Month, Chinwetalu Agu went viral on social media after wearing an outfit made of the Biafran Flag with many Nigerians stating on social media that ‘nothing must happen’ to the popular and jovial man.



However today on at Upper Iweka in Onitsha, soldiers of the Nigerian Army were seen harrasing and dragging the man on the road under hot sun because he was putting on an attire made of Biafra flag. The act has been abolished by man lovers of the vetrean actor and lovers of peace in Nigeria. 


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While reacting on the video of Chinwetalu Agu Harassed and Brutalized by Nigerian Soldiers as it affects Anambra state especially with the recent killings in the Light of the Nation, a twitter user has this to say



On soldiers Attack on Chiwetalu Agu
Nollywood Veteran actor, Chiwetalu Agu was moments ago physically assaulted and taken away by the men of the Nigeria military at Upper Iweka. His crime as seen in the viral video was that he wore clothes made from the Biafran flag.


On countless occasions, Sheikh Gumi who is a known bandits sympathizer had gone to their hideouts, took pictures with them and demanded amnesty for them, but the military and other security agencies turned blind. He had countlessly made instigating comments that threatened the peace and wellbeing of Nigerians, (when he told the bandits that it was Christian soldiers that were killing them), yet nothing was done to him.



The assault on Chiwetalu Agu by the army is condemnable, and every right thinking Nigerian should demand for his immediate release. Meanwhile, it’s amazing that the government that sympathizes with terrorists, and kill and incarcerate freedom fighters is what some “WILLING TOOLS” from Anambra state are marketing. Watch the video below;

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