Children Are Afraid To Attend Schools Due to Presence Of Soldiers in our Communities – Ohafia Women Cries out

Hundreds of quinquagenarian, sexagenarian and septuagenarian women in the Ohafia local government area of Abia State have taken to the streets to of their various comminutes to protest against the presences of the men of Nigerian soldiers who have been in their communities for more than 3 weeks now.




LatestNGnews correspondent reports that the protest that took place on Wednesday, and one of the primary aims of engaging on the street form of protest is to express their minds that the presence of the military is causing them more harm than good. 


Our children can’t go to school again because they’re afraid, and these soldiers are raping our young girls – and many others were among the several reasons they’re doing the protest.


One of the protesters who spoke in anonymity to LatestNGnews correspondent who is a native and resident of Ohafia said;



“We’re protesting that the army has occupied their territory for a long time preventing their children from going to school, raping and creating anti-social problems in the community.


“The atrocities in Ohafia caused by the occupation of the army is becoming unbearable. Hundreds of women protested, insisting that the soldiers must leave their community and their children must go back to school.


“For over a month, their children could not go to school because of the army occupation that has taken over their community.”

“In fact, militarisation of Igbo community is an obvious case of intimidation by the federal government. You don’t observe this in other parts of the country. Why must it be Igbo land, in particular Ohafia?


“Why should soldiers occupy the entire community for nothing? Is that the best way to keep the peace? The royal fathers have been appealing to get these soldiers out of the community and their children must go back to school,” 

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