Charles Soludo Narrates how Education Rescued him and set him on a Path of Success

The Anambra State governor-elect, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo, today shared a rather touching story of how education saved him at the University of Nigeria Nsukka and set him on a path of success. The Anambra State governor-elect who in this recent days, been sharing stories of his humble beginnings, shared an epistle.



The former CBN Governor who received his certificate of return from the INEC few days ago, said that as a young man, all he had was a dream of impacting the world. “Education came to my rescue and aided my release from what would have been a generational trap in the dynasty of poverty.” – he said He said there are others who escaped the trap of poverty through trade and craft but in his case “education was the saving grace”.


ccsoludo Somewhere in Nsukka…
In our days of little beginning, when all we offered the universe was our dreams, propelled by a passion for excellence, our gaze was fixed on leading a successful life and impacting the world around us, positively!



Education came to my rescue, and aided my release from what would have become a generational trap in the dynasty of poverty. There are some, as we had then, who escaped this trap through trade and ingenious craft. In my case education was the saving grace.


Of course, the potent force in education, when properly harnessed, is still capable of rescuing millions of the World’s poor. In the same vein, a robust MSME and conducive business environment is critical in the fight against roving poverty.


In deploying this two, one must be conscious of excellence and critical about mediocrity. These are the options before us, the choice is totally the individual’s to make.
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