Champagne Beatz Makes Schoking Discovery That he is Not th Biological Father of his 3 Kids

Champagne Beatz

Popular Nigerian musical producer Champagne Beatz has made a shocking announcement as he expressed shock following his discovering that he is not the biological father of his three children. 


In what he described as “shocking discovery”, the music producer accused his wife Yemi Adebowale of having an affair while they were in a relationship.


He also revealed that his wife, Yemi Adebowale, also pretended he’s the father of their children.


Champagne Beatz also warned that Yemi should be held responsible should anything happen afterwards. He posted on his page saying;


This is to notify everyone that, I’m not the biological father of Favour, Donald & Richard.




It was a shocking discovery for me to know that Yemi Adebowale has been having extra affair with other guys while we were in relationship and she pretend to me that i fathered the three children.


Hence if anything happens to me, hold her responsible.



Champagne Beatz
Champagne Beatz





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