Chai! “Nollywood Legend Hanks Anuku is gone” — Concerned Fan Calls for help over actor’s Present Condition

A corned fan of Hanks Anuku has raised a call for help over the state of the legendary Nollywood actor, after he was spotted around 3am in the morning talking to himslef.
Hanks Anuku had revealed towards the end of the year 2021 that he moved out of Nigeria to Ghana because of the ease to live in the sister-country.
In a video shared on social media platforms, the actor was spotted by the road seated under a street light drinking and talking to himself alone.
The fan who spotted him was left in awe as he calls for help from his fellow Nollywood colleagues.



During his time in the movie industry, the 62-year-old often stars as a villain in many Nollywood films.  As of 2017, Anuku was naturalized and became an American.


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