CCTV Footage Exposes Girl who Poisoned her man’s Drink in a Hotel Bar (Video)

CCTV Footage Exposes Girl who Poisoned her mans Drink in a Hotel Bar

A young lady has been caught on CCTV as she poisoned the drink of a young man believed to be her boyfriend. The CCTV clip has then gone viral since it was shared online. The incident happened in hotel bar, and the man would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for the hotel director to saw everything on tape and warned the man, that his drink has been poisoned.




The two were having a great time when the manager came to ask the man whether he knows the lady he was sitting with.



Startled by this question, he wondered whether if it was a sort of prank question, but he told the manager she’s his friend.




He then told the man that the lady poisoned his drink, and asked the man to tell her to a sip from it. Upon saying this, the lady launched into a vicious defense as she began blasting the manager and asking whether he was in his right senses.



At a point, the male friend then told her to sip the drink, but she refused and wanted to storm out of the place.



She was stopped and they both were made to watch a CCTV footage of the moment she poisoned his drink. The man who was provoked by this began landing her vicious slaps.




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