CCTV Captures Security Guard who was Stealing from a Customer’s Purse (Video)

CCTV Captures Security Guard who was Stealing from a Customers Purse

A damming CCTV footage has shown the moment a security man was caught on tape stealing from a bag at his workplace.




The camera caught the moment the thief searched the bag and removed an item, from the bag which is believed to belong to a customer who visited his work place.


It is not exactly known whether he was arrested for what he did, of if it was all a play because he known the owner of the bag, but the video has since gone viral on social media, and has raised several arguments. 



While some argued that the whole thing could’ve been easily staged to pull a stunt, some believed that the security man has been caught in previous time doing the same thing.




Though they presented any evidence to back their claims, the office where this happened is yet to release a statement regarding the incident as at the time of this publication.






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