Cattle Herder Kills Driver and Conductor After Their Bus Lost Control and hit 2 of his cows to Death (Videos)

Fulani Cows

A suspected fulnai herder has killed a bus driver and his conductor at Agogo Igbala, near Mowo, along Lagos/Badagry expressway in retaliation for his 2 cows that was killed by their commercial bus.




Eyewitness report that angry herder killed the driver and his conductor after the bus lost control and ran into cattle herds, and killed 2 cows at the process.



While some insisted that killing of the driver and his conductor were too much of a retaliation, some raised an argument that the bus that has a break failure also killed the wife of the herder, which all fueled his revenge.



The incident has since then, resulted in a civil unrest around the Agogo Igbala area, because not only did the fulani herder killed the bus conductor and the driver, he also beheaded them.

 also gathered, according to a resident of the area who pledged anonymity, that the the driver did not lose control, and the death of the 2 cows were never the driver’s fault. The eyewitness maintained that  Fulani man was carelessly crossing his cows on the expressway.








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