Car Stumbles and Falls into a Gully in Mmiri ele, Anambra State, But the 3 Passengers Came out Unharmed (Video)

It was a thing of shock as many people marveled to what can only be described as nothing short of a miracle, when a car stumbled and fell into a popular gully in Nnewi, known as Mmiri ele, in Umudim Nnewi Anambra state.



Some witnesses who gave their knowledge to as to how the thing happened, said that the car fell into the gully and they thought that the occupants will die or that the car will go up in flames.


When they saw that there was a little chance of saving the occupants of the car which included the driver and 2 other person, (all males in their 20’s), they climbed down into the gully and helped them break free.


This happened in popular mmiri ele gully, in Umudim Nnewi, along Nnewi Ozubulu Road, on Thursday, 13th January 2022.



An Nnewi based MC, known as Darlinboy Chiemerie MC Jaghee, who also shared this miraculous incident on facebook later on Friday, wrote saying;


So yesterday a car fell into mmiri ele and nothing happened to the guys inside. Is God not wonderful? Thank God we never enter rainy season ooo, Onye oru ebube daalu rinne.



The 3 boys were left dumbfounded as they themselves couldn’t believe what happened and they survived the crash. The reason of their accident is yet unknown as the  boys were allowed to rest while on-site first aid were administered to the.



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