Cabman Cautions Female Passenger for being Rude During Transit in Calabar(Video)

Cabman Cautions Female Passenger for being Rude

A video has captured the moment a cab driver in Calabar, Cross River state lashed out at a female passenger for questioning him about the route he was taking during a trip.





In the trending video, the cabman expressed his displeasure at the female passenger for the manner in which she spoke to him.




According to him, he took a route that wasn’t familiar to the female passenger, and instead of asking him to take familiar route, she told him ”don’t follow there.’ He found the statement offensive and aired his displeasure.



”Don’t repeat that nonsense again. Highest I would charge you for what I have carried you and you will get down of my car. I cannot buy a car for three million and you sit down there insulting me.


Since you never knew this road, you would have said please which one is this road? why are you taking it? and I will explain. Which one is ”don’t follow there” Are you my mother? You must be very stupid. You don’t have respect” he said



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