Buhari Narrates how he narrowly Escaped Bomb Blast on Kawo Bridge

President Muhammadu Buhari has narrated how he escaped being blwon to bits in a bomb blast in Kaduna on Thursday January 20,were he went to  inaugurated projects executed by Governor Nasir el-Rufai.
The President who is on an official two-day official visit to Kaduna State, inaugurated Kawo bridge, when the supposed attempt was made on his life.
He spoke on how he narrowly escaped being killed by a bomb near the Kawo bridge, while travelling to Kaduna State in July 2014.
Buhari said;
“They wanted to blow me (up). But my escort somehow stopped them. Before we came to this bridge, they became so desperate and there was a small market or something like that here.
“They exploded the device (bomb). God protected us and here I am again. Thank you very much, Your Excellency, and remarkably, you became my governor. I don’t think I have any input (in your becoming the governor).



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“Zainab Ahmed also became my minister of finance. I didn’t know she is a daughter of a gentleman I respect and go to his house. This is a fabulous coincidence and I thank God for it. Therefore, I have taken your loyalty for granted.”


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