Buhari cuts 79th Birthday Cake in Istanbul, makes a Birthday wish of Returning to his Farm

President Buhari who is currently in Istanbul, marked his 79th birthday today, a surprise birthday was organized for him by Nigerians working in the Nigerian Embassy in Turkey. His surprise birthday cake was moulded in national colours, green-white-green.



At the brief get-together which was organized in his honour, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, rendered a tribute on behalf of the ministers and the rest of the delegation.


The president expressed sincere happiness and thanked the well-meaning Nigerians who threw him a surprise party,  Turkey, where a surprise birthday was organized by the Nigerian embassy in the country.



In a thank-you speech, Buhari made a wish, stating that he is looking forward to returning to his farm in Daura, his hometown in Katsina State. But until them, he intends to put in his best for Nigeria until the last day when, in 2023 he hands over to a successor. In his words;


I have a farm, crops and livestock that needs to be attended to, I thought that being away from Abuja I will escape these things. The Guards Brigade had written to tell me what they wanted to do on this day. Now here you are doing this far away from home.”


“I look forward to the year 2023, he continued by saying


When I finish, to go home to take charge of my farm. Between now and that time, I will do the best that is possible to advance the interest of the nation and its people, and carry out my duties as prescribed by the Constitution.”

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