Petrol Scarcity in UK- Brits Seen Fighting in Petrol Station (Video)

It has been a rather 72hrs hours for the brits as there is currently shortage of Premium Motor Spirit, (PMS ) in the country. The shortage of PMS has forced some petrol stations to stop operating, and the few that managed to stay open and Long lines are seen at the few that managed to stay open.




Long lines of vehicles have formed at petrol stations in the UK in recent days as scarcity of fuel , transport Minister Grant Shapps on Sunday called on Britons to behave normally when buying the product.


According to Grant, there was no shortage Brits should go about their daily business, but a video that surfaced recently on the internet suggests otherwise. 


Shapps who spoke to Sky News on the issue of Petrol Scarcity in UK claims that the government was stepping in to ease a shortage of drivers bringing it to petrol stations. The queues at stations began after oil firms reported a lack of drivers was causing transport problems from refineries to forecourts.



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Some operators have had to ration supplies and others to close gas stations. “There’s plenty of fuel, there’s no shortage of the fuel within the country,” 


Barely 48 hours later, BP (BP plc is a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, England) says over 400 stations out of petrol and the UK fuel scarcity worsens, reports by Reuters,



BP said nearly a third of its British petrol stations had run out of the two main grades of fuel on Sunday as panic buying forced the government to suspend competition laws and allow firms to work together to ease shortages.


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Lines of vehicles formed at petrol stations for a third day running as motorists waited, some for hours, to fill up with fuel after oil firms reported a lack of drivers was causing transport problems from refineries to forecourts. You can also watch the video on twitter without any restrictions


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