British man Slams UK Government for Discriminating Against South Africa and Other African Countries

A British man living in South Africa has sarcastically praised the British government for her action and being quick to put South-Africa and other African countries into the red zone since the emergence of the Omicron, a supposed deadly covid-19 variant. 




Ever the worldwide alert on Omicron went live, some countries have taken several safety measures to mitigate and reduce the risk of carriers of this deadly virus entering to their country.


Countries like Indonesia, Canada, Rwanda, UK, etc have all restricted entrance of people of several African countries including Nigeria from entering into their country, with Indonesia saying it’ll review its policy of travel banning African countries after every 2 weeks.



On that not, the unidentified British man living in the Republic of South Africa, took his social media page to slam the UK government for quick act of placing South Africa and other African countries into the red zone.


He started by saying that he received a call from a dear friend of his, to know how he’s doing, that she heard that things are going very badly in South Africa. But he responded that things are going very smoothly in South Africa.


He also stated that by the time of recording the video, that South Africa has recorded 0 new infections, while England has recorded over 46,000 new infections.


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