Breaking News! Dj Michelle is Alive (Video)

Hours after a young and promising Disk Jockey who goes by the name DJ Michelle was reported death, there now now new confirmed report that the young lady is infact alive. According to several media buzz, the girl is hale and hearty.



The story around her supposed life after death is a bit sketchy, but LAtestNGnews gathered that the fast rising disc Jockey was rescued, after she was swept away by water at a beach.

This was revealed when the supposed man who saved the young girl from the water finally spoke up, and narrated how the whole thing when down. In his words; (In yoruba)

I have already passed where she was on the water but my mind told me to go back. it took a while and I went back to check.


On getting there I saw she was about being drowned and is already unconscious  I rescued her and then performed CPR on her to revive her.

The story about her death is indeed a mystery as some of the stories didn’t line up, but for now friends and family have received her and is happy that their child, sister and friend is alive. Several internet reacted to the news saying;



So Dj michelle isn’t dead.. she was in the water for 24hours. Reports have it that the water took her on a tour and brought her back safely. It is well o! I no understand DJ Michelle stay under water for 24 hours ? She be water resistant?



DJ Michelle didn’t even tell us once that she’s from marine kingdom if to say we know now we for no fear. Ordinary meeting that you went for instablog go carry am say you die. Welcome back sha


I don’t understand the DJ Michelle story, glad she is alive but what really happened ? I thought they said they saw her drown? Whoever rescued her took this long to bring her out? I no understand.


Thank God DJ Michelle is alive but this will forever remain a myth, DJ Michelle’s family members were at the beach to receive her after she was revived.


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