Breaking News! Anambra Women vows to Protest Naked at EFFC Headquarters if Willie Obiano is not Released

Willie Obiano

Following the arrest and detention of former Anambra state government by the EFCC on 17th March 2022, after the swearing in and inauguration ceremony of a new governor, the Anambra state women have vowed to protest naked at EFCC if Willie Obiano is not released.




In a statement released on Monday, March 21, the Chairperson of AWEM, Uju Ifunanya Edochie, frowned at the release of a video showing the governor in EFCC custody. She maintained that the EFCC facility is not safe considering how a video of an ex-governor could be made where it is supposed to be in protective custody and sent to social media for the public to mock the former governor.


The group then threatened to protest at EFCC Abuja office naked if EFCC does not release the Ex-governor Obiano urgently or take him to court.


“We, Anambra-North Women Empowerment Movement (AWEM) are issuing stern admonitions to EFCC for its reckless and unprofessional behaviour towards handling the case of the former Governor Of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano.



We strongly condemn the vile trending online video clip of Chief Willie Obiano while in EFCC custody. It is quite obvious that the particular video was taken without Chief Willie Obiano’s knowledge nor consent and as such, this premeditated brouhaha by the EFCC seems to veer into a caricature and witch-hunting which is a mockery of Nigeria’s judicial due process.




The Former Governor, Willie Obiano, was one of the leading performing governors in Nigeria as he had profound achievements in agriculture, health, education, infrastructure, commerce and trade, security, employment rate, civil service as well as state economy.





Under the administration of Willie Obiano, Anambra state experienced new dawn at sunset. Anambra ranked lowest in poverty index, the unemployment rate dropped drastically, three jumbo rice mills were established in different parts of the state, 17 iconic bridges and flyovers were constructed with numerous standard roads throughout the state, functional street and traffic lights were mounted on all roads, built the first Anambra Airport and so on.




Ndi Anambra frowns sternly at this disgraceful and unruly act displayed by the EFCC. Appropriate and humane trial tactics should be exercised by EFCC.




In conclusion, EFCC facility is not safe if they could humiliate an ex-governor, made a video of him in their supposed protective custody, sent to social media for the public to mock. And we would protest at EFCC Abuja office naked if EFCC doesn’t release urgently the Ex-governor, Obiano” the statement reads in part




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