Brazilian Coach, Adenor Leonardo Bacchi (Tite), Resigns, After the Samba Boys Were Eliminated from World Cup

Adenor Leonardo Bacchi Tite

The head team of the Brazilian men’s team, Adenor Leonardo Bacchi fondly known as Tite, has resigned as the team’s head coach after the Samba Boys were eliminated by penalty shootout, at the 2022 Quarter Finals by Croatia, after a 90mins goalless draw and a 1-1 extra time draw.




Tite who already said he’ll step down as the Seleção Canarinho at the end worldcup, (which will also be the end of his contract), made the announcement after his boys were eliminated from the tournament, after his boys were eliminated for the second time in a row in a World cup tournament. He spoke briefly  after the match saying;


“There are other great professionals that can replace me. When their (Croatia’s) goalkeeper (Dominik Livakovi?) is the best player on the field, the game is talking to you.


“We had to be more effective in making goals. But did Brazil show their best? Overall, yes. I understand that I am the most responsible, but we are all responsible for the loss. It’s not about being a hero or a villain. There is no such thing in sports.


“Sometimes we have a great performance, we shoot at goal, and the ball deviates. That’s normal. But I can respect the result. The loss hurts, but I’m at peace with myself right now.”

Tite has been in charge of the Samba boys since 2016, his only major trophy as Brazillian team coach is wining the Copa América in 2019 in a home soil. 

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