Boy who Survived the 21-Storey Building Collapsed in Ikoyi, While Owner of the Building is trapped Inside rubble

The supposed Picture of the boy who Survived the 21-Storey Building Collapsed in Ikoyi by jumping from the building as it was going down into another building has been making rounds across the social media, while Owner of collapsed skyscraper in Ikoyi trapped inside rubble, according to reports from several eyewitnesses.



As the building was collapsing, the boy is said to have jumped off it, into another compound. The boy was covered in dust and sand but he wasn’t critically injured and was able to walk on his own. A photo shared from the scene shows people looking at him in amazement.


However, the owner of the building was said to still be trapped inside the building and probably under the rubbles.



“Everybody was working. A lot of people came here from Abuja. The owner of the building is inside. He brought some clients to inspect the building.” 


The witness, who identified himself as Morris Ashiru to journalists, said he and some of his friends came to work at the construction site and that the owner of the building, alongside a lot of people, are still trapped in the ruins of the collapsed skyscraper.


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