Blind Grandmother Rescues 2 Grandchildren After Their Parents Planned to sell them to Ritualists ₦50,000 and V20,000 Respectively

A blind grandmother has saved her 2 grandkids, Gideon Edet and Kingsley Edet, from being sold off to ritualists by their parents who had already made plans to sell the boys ₦50,000 and V20,000 respectively.



PunchNews reported that the visually challenged grad mom, Mrs Bassey Ekong, heard the news and swung into action and saved the boys and threatened to curse the parents of those 2 boys, if they sell her grandchildren.


Speaking to Punch, Mrs Ekong said a friend to their mother linked the family who offered to buy the children to ritualists. The parents then began making plans to sell the children but when they told her, she cursed them and vowed to report the matter to the police, which made them abandon the children. She then became responsible for the kids. In her words, she said;


“I suffered to raise the children by engaging in menial jobs and weeding people’s farm for meagre wages, just to keep the kids,”  “I cry for these children each day they leave for school without food and no writing materials in class.



Now, I can’t help them. Their parents ran away as they failed in their plot to sell them to ritualists.” – she said



However, she has now gone blind and finds it difficult to raise her grandkids on her own. She appealed to the Akwa Ibom State Government and non-governmental organisations to assist her in training the children as their parents had abandoned them.






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