Bianca Ojukwu’s Side of the Story of what happened is true — Victor Umeh

Victor Umeh

Chief sir Victor Ume, the former APGA chairman, has said that what Lady Bianca Ojukwu, narrated in an interview with AriseTV of what happened between her and Mrs Ebele Obiano is nothing but the truth.




In his own account of the incident, Chief Ume said;

”Yesterday was not a pleasant day for us because we were at the inauguration ceremony of Professor Soludo as the governor-elect. Something unimaginable happened and it overshadowed the storyline yesterday.


From Ambassador Bianca’s narrative, she was correct in her narration of what actually happened because we were all seated in good time for the event.



The former governor drove into the arena and when he alighted from his car, we noticed he didn’t come with his wife. He came and exchanged pleasantries with everybody and went and sat down. Everything had gone on. The deputy governor had been sworn in.




The Chief Judge was on the verge of swear in the new governor and midway into that ceremony of swearing-in Gov Soludo, the former first lady came into the arena and walked to another place to sit down away from where the husband sat. We also observed that that was a strange situation. She ought to have gone to sit with her husband but she didn’t do that.



The video footage has shown everything to everybody that she left where she was sitting and walked straight to where Ambassaor Bianca was sitting calmly and started verbal attacks on her. I was seated away but within a very clear view.



When the exchange of blows as I would call it started, I had to rush to that place to restrain them and separate them to ensure that no harm was inflicted on Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu who was sitted very calmly for that ceremony”





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