Benneth Nwankwo Projects Bullying & Teenage S#xual Molestation in High School through “Like Filtered Water”

Benneth Nwankwo Projects Bullying Teenage Sexual Molestation in High School through Like Filtered Water

If there’s one thing almost everyone can relate to, it’s (unfortunately) bullying. And majority of young people have either been bullied, s#xually molested or known someone who has been molested or bullied or been the actual bully themselves. Again in today’s society, s#xual molestation is more prominent than ever affecting children and teens.





Discussing s#xual molestation and bullying and educating teenagers on the proper ways to handle it can be tricky; it can become a dragging conversation. Sometimes, it’s easier to show rather than tell. And that is what BN MEDIA Film Academy’s original series, Like Filtered Water has done.



Directed by Benneth Nwankwo, the 9 episode TV and web miniseries boasts of steering performances by young lead characters, Perpetua Obianuju Ukachukwu and Desmond Obidiaso.





In episode 1, we follow Dave, a stutterer, shy but intelligent science student of omark schools. He suffers successive mockeries and bullying from a group of boys from his class led by Charlie. In the same episode, Emerald played by Perpetua Obianuju Ukachukwu is introduced to the class as a transferred student and her friendship with Dave begun.




However in the following episode, a tragedy strikes, Dave dies. The incident leaves Emerald broken until another student, Francis, played by Desmond Obidiaso teams up with her.



In the next episode, Emerald’s life outside the school is introduced particularly the s#xual abuses going on in her home. We meet her mother. Back in school, a rivalry ensued between Emerald and a drama queen, Tricia, played by Cleopatra Nnamchi.


Like Filtered Water is showing on YouTube.





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