Belgium Warns Citizens Against Travelling to Ukraine, Warns Residing Nationals to Leave While They Still Can

Citizens of Belgium visiting or residing in Ukraine has been advised on Saturday by their country’s foreign Ministry to leave Ukraine while the still can. The ministry also further travels of its citizens to Ukraine as the tension between Russia  and Ukraine rises.



The ministry urged it’s citizens to leave with immediate effect, adding that in a cause the situation between Russia and Ukraine worsens, evacuation from Ukraine cannot be guaranteed, 



The Belgium foreign ministry in Ukraine urged its citizen in the country to leave, stressing that communications could be severely disrupted if the situation suddenly gets worse. A communique passed by the ministry reads;




Any Belgian(s) “whose presence is not absolutely necessary” have been urged to leave Ukraine. If that is not possible, the Foreign Ministry has urged them to register on the Travellers Online site and contact the Embassy in Kiev.



The new travel advisory comes amid worsening tensions on the border between Ukraine and Russia, with Kiev fearing a Russian invasion. Moscow denies planning one despite continually reinforcing its military presence on the border.




Britain, Norway, the Netherlands, the United States, Australia and New Zealand have also asked their nationals to leave Ukraine.




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