Bayelsa Yahoo+ Boy Murders his Girlfriend, Buries her Inside his Room (Video)

Bayelsa Yahoo Boy Murders his Girlfriend Buries her Inside his Room

A suspected Bayelsa Yahoo+ boy has killed his girlfriend and buried her in his apartment room. Residents of the area has alleged that the boy used the girl whom they addressed as “Kate” for money rituals




The sad news of her sudden death came to light after he residents who are friendlies with the deceased, noticed she’d been missing for days and the boyfriend identified as Joseph denied knowledge of her whereabouts.



According to reports, family of the lady confronted him on Friday morning and demanded he must provide her dead or alive.




After much pressure, he admitted that he killed her and buried the body in a shallow grave dug in his bedroom apartment at Okaka area of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State on Friday morning, July 29. 




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