Bayelsa State Vigilante Security Services Flogs man for Stealing Phone in the Market (Video)

An alleged phone thief has been flogged by the Bayelsa state Security service for stealing a phone in Yenagoa. According a fb user, MC Tootalk, who shared the story on his page, he said that the phone was an old iTel phone



MC Tootalk, also revealed that the phone suspect snatched the phone from a breadseller and sold it for N1500. He was later caught at the popular Swali market on Wednesday morning, July 20, 2022, and state security service disciplined him before the public.


MC Tootalk shared clips from the scene on his page, with a caption which reads;

“One of the phone snatcher in swali market Area collecting wotowoto from state vigilante security services.




As old as he is snatched an old model Itel smart phone from a bread supplier, had even sold it for 1k 500.. but him collect wetin no good this morning.” 







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