Baby Dragged into a Moving Motorcycle back rim, Miraculously Survives Without a single scratch or Injuries (Photos)

In a what many can be considered as a Christmas and New Year double miracles, a baby of about 5 months that was dragged into the rear rim of a moving okada motorcycle, has miraculously came of the tight spot without any single scratch.


The good news was shared on facebook by one Mr. Jeremiah Onu, who cautioned those who say that “There is no God” to come and say who did this miracle wonder that is marvelous in the eyes of many.


Who also called on atheists to come and explain how it’ll be possible that a baby would be dragged into a wheel of a moving motorcycle and none of the baby’s bones were broken and no injuries on the babies body.


Posting on facebook, Jeremiah Onu said;



You said there’s no GOD right ? And then there are no angels ,that all they told us was lies ,i hope you’re the one who did this. This woman was on the bike(motorcycle) with the baby of about 5month.


without her knowledge the clothing she was carrying the child with entered inside the rim of the wheel and dragged her baby right inside the wheel, as the bike was on motion, with shout of passer by it was stopped and it took bike mechanic to lose the wheel ….and to my greatest amazement,

The baby was brought out unscratched, without broken bones ..What an amazing GOD. I declare on any hand that can type Good GOD. May The Good GOD Who Saved The Life Of This Child Save you and your family At The Worst Hour Of your life In Jesus Name, AMEN


Screenshot of the Post as shared on FB
Screenshot of the Post as shared on FB


The baby and the wrapper were both successfully removed from the rear rim of the motorcycle and handed over to the mother who was already crying and shading tears of joys as she thanked her stars.


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