#AwooMammaMassacre: Younger Brother of the girl who’s 14 guests were shot dead on the day of her Traditional Marriage Introduction, speaks on what happened (Video)

AwooMammaMassacre Younger brother of the girl whos 14guests were shot dead on the day of her traditional marriage introduction speaks on what happened

A young boy who identified himself as a younger brother to the girl who was having her traditional marriage introduction, has finally narrated his ordeal and that of the victims who were shit dead while his sister was getting married. Ge confirmed that 14 of the people that came with their in-law, were all shot dead in their house.





According a voice in the background who was conducting the interview, it was gathered that the incident happened on Sunday, July 17, 2022. The voice added that the man whose compound was invaded and his guests shot dead, is seriously hospitalized. Cars and motorcycles belonging to the guests were all taken from then by Ebebeagu security outfit.



According to the voice in the Ebebeagu men who came with pump action guns, already killed several people on their way coming, which included commercial riders and passerby, which was also confirmed by the younger brother of the bride. 




However, Gov. Hope Uzodimma in his speech, distanced Ebebeagu from the attack, and said that the sweep was done by the DSS, at the camps of IPOB and unknown gunmen.


Contrary to this, the younger brother of the bride, confirmed that when the gun men came, they accused the guests who were seen in an earlier video drinking, eating, (and making gests of themselves) that they were doing IPOB meeting, but it was explained to the gunmen that the gathering was for traditional marriage introduction. He also confirmed that the in-laws only came to collect marriage lists, and nothing more.


The young boy also narrated how the gunmen disposed them of their belongings, including phone, wallets, money, etc, before killing them. He also said that the gun men took all their house properties, including generator, solar, ₦150,000 he kept inside, before they now proceeded to the house of their neighbours, and disposed the daughters of their phones, but late gave it back to them.







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