Awka-Etiti Villagers Accuse Nigerian Army for Killing a Man and Woman (Video)

Awka-Etiti Villagers Accused Nigerian Army for killing a man and woman after they went to the mortuary to deposit the body of their late mother’s body. It happened today 8th October 2021 in Awka-Etit in Idemili North Local government area of Anambra state.




Initially the villagers  accused security operative of killing a man and a young woman who were returning home after depositing their mother’s body in the mortuary. Saint Francis Mortuary to deposit a body. 


It was alleged that the security operatives chased them from Nnewi to Akwa-Etiti where they finally caught up top then and shot their car, killing both the man and the woman because the car they were in had tinted glasses.



The chase allegedly culminated in shots being fired by the security operatives. In a video from the scene, members of the community are heard lamenting as they called the name of the man who had been killed. They then accused the Nigerian Army of being responsible.


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They said he had gone to Saint Francis Mortuary to deposit a body before he was killed. You can also find the video here.


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