ATM Siezed my Card, Bank Security Asked me to go home and Come back on Monday, 20 Minutes Later They Wiped ₦243,000 — Woman Cries out (Video)

A woman has cried out for help after she went to the went to the bank to make a withdrawal, but the unfortunately, the ATM machine seized her card.



She met the security who told her to o home and come back on Monday. But 20 minutes later, a withdrawal of ₦243,000 was made from her account.


The woman said that her card was First Bank ATM card, and she also came to First Bank ATM gallery to make the withdrawal, but ATM seized her card.



The incident happened on Saturday, The woman was heard saying that the money was given to her so she can look for shop and pay the rent, then start up a business.

Another woman who was heard in the background was heard calling out First Bank PLC as a fraudulent bank. The woman in distress was also heard saying that the money was given to her by her husband to pay for shop rent.



It was later gathered that her card was swap by a serial ATM thief who offered to help her in disguise. The woman was also heard that the bank security knows the identity of the serial ATM thief. 


The woman was subsequently asked to dial a bank designated USSD code to block her bank account, hinting that waiting till Monday would make the trial go cold.



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