Armed Forces Storms and Destroys Kidnappers Den and Hideouts in Oba, Anambra (Video)

Armed Forces Storms and Destroys Kidnappers Den and Hideouts in Anambra

The armed forces and security operatives in Anambra state under the command of Gov. Soludo, has busted and destroyed another hideout used by the kidnappers that have been causing havoc in the state.


In the operation which lasted for several hours, the authorities stormed the kidnappers then on credible information, on getting to the location, the kidnappers opened fire but the police had the greater number and fire power. Some of them were shot 1 dead while 3 escaped through an alternate exit at the back.



The operation which is tagged “See Something Say Something” has been going on in the state for a while, and state government maintained its stand that any one found habouring a kidnapper will face the full wrath of the law, their houses will be demolished and their lands will be confiscated by the state government.



he government frowned its faces at the residents who lived closed to the kidnappers den, for keeping quiet all this while while their lands were used as kidnappers den. It was gathered that some of the kidnapped victims were killed at this same venue even after a huge amount of money has been paid as ransom.



A deity was also found at the location and the alleged chief priest/chief custodian was also arrested, while the government moved to demolish… Watch the video here








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