Arguments in French Parliament after far-right lawmaker Shouted “Go back to to Africa” while a Black lawmaker was Speaking About Immigration (video)

Go back to to Africa

Commotion ensued in the French Parliament on Thursday, November 3 after a far-right MP yelled ‘Go back to Africa’ when a Black legislator from the far left asked a question about immigration.




The session was suspended soon afterwards on Thursday as the racist comment was followed by a huge commotion and arguments in the house.


The centrist government called it ‘unacceptable.’ “There is no room for racism in our democracy. The Bureau of the National Assembly will convene (on Friday) and should decide on necessary sanction,” Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne told reporters.



In a bid of ‘damage control’, the far right argued that MP Gregoire de Fournas’ comment was aimed at the migrants stranded on an NGO boat and not the MP who asked the question.


“He obviously spoke about the migrants transported in boats by the NGOs,” Maine Le Pen tweeted. “The controversy created by our political opponents … will not deceive the French,” the tweet further read.


Watch the video below.



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